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NCSITE Awards For 2014:

The Awards Committee receives nominations from our membership for all of the Award categories and then strives to honor the most deserving individuals for that year.  The NCSITE Awards Committee was honored to recognize several NCSITE members and affiliate members at the NCSITE Annual Meeting Luncheon on November 13, 2014. 

Awards history:

Soon after the transition from Division of Southern District in 1988 to full Section status, the Board of Directors realized the need to have its own Awards Program. In 1992 the Section Awards Program was established to recognize outstanding service and commitment by members through the following awards: Robert J. Dodge Professional Image Award, R.V. Moss Lifetime Service Award, Jay Quinn Technical Excellence Award, Contribution to Transportation Award, Paul D. Cribbins Cup and the President’s Award.  In 1999 the Young Professional Award was presented for the first time, in 2005 the New Member Award was established, and the Outstanding Project was established in 2013. All the award recipients are selected from a pool of nominees by the Award Committee with the exception of the President’s Award, which is given by the President in office.

The following provides a brief introduction about each award and the recent award winner:

Robert J. Dodge Professional Image Award

Recipient must be a member or affiliate member of NCSITE; possess demonstrated technical competence and excellent people skills; must have a demonstrated record of service to the profession, the organization, and his/her community; who by personal demeanor and example projects the best image of what a transportation professional should be.

Robert J. Dodge worked for the North Carolina State Highway Commission during the summers of 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949 as a temporary employee. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Civil Engineering in May 1951 and was hired as a permanent employee in June 1951. He received one paycheck before being activated as a 2nd Lieutenant in US Army for active military duty during the Korean War. After 14 months in Korea, Mr. Dodge returned to Traffic Engineering to begin a life-time career. He rose through the ranks in Traffic Engineering to the Assistant State Traffic Engineer position within NCDOT.

He satisfied the requirements to become a Professional Engineer and a Registered Land Surveyor. He worked for almost 40 years with the NC DOT, most of which was with the Traffic Engineering and Safety Systems Branch.

He was active in the Southern Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. In 1985, he was awarded the Herman J. Hoose Distinguished Service Award. In 1992, Mr. Dodge was awarded the very first Robert J. Dodge Professional Image Award by the North Carolina Section ITE. Mr. Robert J. Dodge passed away on March 29, 2007 at the age of 78. He was active in his White Memorial Presbyterian Church for almost 60 years serving as a Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, and advisor. His family mourns for him and the Christian southern gentleman that he was.

2014 Award Winner: Christa Greene, PE

Christa GreeneThe Robert Dodge Professional Image Award was presented to Christa Greene, Senior Transportation Engineer at Stantec.   Christa has been filled key roles for the Annual Meeting Planning committee for several years.   She invests heavily in NCSITE’s younger members encouraging them to become actively involved.  The nomination stated that “she is an avid promoter of NCSITE and the transportation profession, with a hand in helping recruit several of NCSITE’s next generation of leaders”.  She has served on the Awards Committee for many years, and is currently serving on the Mentoring Program Oversight Committee as well as serving as the NCSITE Vice-President.   Christa’s husband, Ricky and her dad, Richard were in attendance to see the award presented to her. 

Congratulations to Christa Greene, PE of Stantec for receiving the 2014 NCSITE Robert Dodge Professional Image Award.

Past Award Winners


R.V. Moss Lifetime Service Award

Recipient must have been a Member or an Affiliate Member for at least 15 years; should possess demonstrated technical confidence; should have made significant contributions to the profession and ITE through participation in committees, workshops, speakers’ bureaus, seminars, fundraising, meetings and local arrangement committees; and through elected office at the Section level or higher.

R. V. Moss, one of Walter and Lala Moss' six children, was born on October 15, 1931 in Hendersonville. He graduated in 1950 from Hudson High School, where he was President of his Senior Class and made an early contribution to mass transit by working as a bus driver. He enrolled in Mars Hill College in 1950, but joined the United States Army in 1951 and served as a paratrooper in the 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team.

After leaving the Army in 1954, he enrolled in North Carolina State College in Raleigh, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in May 1959. While pursuing his studies, R.V. worked part-time for the City of Raleigh, and after graduation accepted a full-time engineering position. In 1960, he became Assistant Traffic Engineer for the City of Durham. In October 1963 he went to High Point to serve as the City Traffic Engineer, which was later titled Director of Transportation. In this capacity he oversaw the planning, design, construction and implementation of many important projects and programs, including upgrades to the High Point's computerized traffic signal system, and the development of a multi-modal transportation system to serve the Furniture Market.

In addition to his official duties, R.V. played an active part in the foundation of the North Carolina Section of the Institute of Traffic (now Transportation) Engineers (ITE). He attended the first of many meetings in High Point in 1965 gradually becoming more involved in the organization. He served as the NCSITE President in 1969. His involvement also extended to the Southern District ITE, where he represented the North Carolina Section on the Executive Board for two years before becoming Southern District President in 1980. As a well-known and respected transportation leader in the southeastern United States, R.V. received the District's top two awards: the Marble J. Hensley Individual Activity Award in 1984 and the Herman Hoose Distinguished Service Award in 1990. To recognize the tireless service and dedication that Mr. RV Moss has shown, in 1992, the North Carolina Section created the RV Moss Lifetime Service Award in his honor. He is a Life Fellow in the International ITE. Even since his retirement from the City in 1993, he regularly attends the NC Sections' Annual Meeting each fall.

Mr. Moss is registered by the State of North Carolina as a Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor. He is an active member of First Baptist Church in High Point and has maintained membership in High Point's Kiwanis Club since 1965. He and his wife Vera currently split their time between a variety of activities in High Point and their mountain home in Ashe County.

2014 Award Winner: David Robinson, P.E.

David RobinsonThe R.V. Moss Lifetime Service Award presented to David Robinson.  He previously worked at NCDOT as the Transportation Engineering and Environmental Manger as well as a Senior Research Assistant at ITRE.    He has been very active in the engineering profession.  He continues to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the NC Transportation Hall of Fame which was established to honor individuals, businesses, organizations and agencies that have made significant contributions to North Carolina’s transportation system.  The nomination stated “he seems to be truly dedicated to serving and promoting the Transportation profession and more interested in shining the light of recognition on others and celebrating their contributions and achievements rather than his own.

Congratulations to David Robinson, PE for receiving the 2014 RV Moss Lifetime Service Award.

Past Award Winners


Jay Quinn Technical Excellence Award

Recipient must possess excellent technical knowledge and must share their knowledge / insight with the NCSITE through presentations at NCSITE sponsored meetings or training sessions, or active participation in councils or committees, task forces, or work groups. Recipient must have made a significant contribution to the Section, and is not required to be a Member or Affiliate of NCSITE to be recognized with this award.

Mr. Jay Quinn was a highly respected vendor of traffic signal equipment who had a deep commitment for ITE. He was a pioneer in helping others get trained by personally conducting training classes before they were formally offered by ITE and others. He constantly tried to help others by helping them get connected with the right people, and he was viewed as a storehouse of technical information. For all these reasons, NCSITE presented Mr. Jay Quinn with the very first NCSITE Technical Excellence Award in 1992 and named this award in his honor. Prior to that, in 1969 he began his career with Southeastern Safety Supplies in Columbia SC. He served as the South Carolina ITE President in 1972. He was awarded the very prestigious Herman J. Hoose Award in 1973 by the Southern District ITE.

If anyone has a photo of Mr. Jay Quinn, or has additional biographical information that can be shared on this web-site, please notify the Chair of the Operations Committee.

2014 Award Winner: Bastian Schroeder, PhD., P.E.

Bastian SchroederThe Jay Quinn Technical Excellence Award was presented to Bastian Schroeder, Assistant Director for Highway Systems for ITRE.  Bastian was President of the ITE Student Chapter, and a NCSITE Scholarship recipient.   For several years, he has led the NCSITE SimCap User Group including presenting and planning the meetings.   He is a regular presenter during the technical sessions of the NCSITE Annual Meetings.   The nomination for Bastian said “he has remained humble and approachable.  His passion for sharing what he has learned with other transportation professionals equals and perhaps surpasses his passion for research and his own pursuit of learning”.   He also is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the NCSU department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineer where he frequently assists with lectures on roundabouts, simulation, signal, operations, pedestrian-bicycle issues, and transportation studies.

Congratulations to Bastian Schroeder, PhD., PE of ITRE for receiving the 2014 NCSITE Jay Quinn Technical Excellence Award. 

Past Award Winners


President's Award

This Award recognizes a Member or Affiliate who has contributed to the advancement of the transportation profession and the North Carolina Section Institute of Transportation Engineers. The NCSITE President awards the outstanding individual that has provided them guidance, advice, assistance, and offered help in whatever capacity is needed. The recipient exhibits such personal traits as integrity, honesty, professionalism, excellent work ethic, dedication, and leadership.

2014 Award Winner: Todd Brooks

Todd BrooksTodd Brooks, NCSITE President, said the following when presenting this year's President's Award:
"Throughout the year, I have had people comment on what I good job Iíve been doing as president. To which I would respond that I feel like I am really not doing that great of a job. However, upon reflection, I realized one large reason this year has gone so smoothly is because I have a really great mentor. I am truly indebted to Todd Brooks for being over my shoulder, guiding me when I needed to make a decision for NCSITE or reminding me of something that I might have overlooked. I also appreciate being able to follow the example that he set last year. I am very happy and honored to award the 2014 President's Award to Todd Brooks."

Congratulations to Todd Brooks for receiving the NCSITE President's Award for 2014.

Past Award Winners


Contribution to Transportation Award

Recipient is an individual not affiliated with NCSITE in any capacity who has contributed significantly to transportation through professional and/or political activities.

2014 Award Winner: William Brawley, P.E.

Representative William Brawley was recognized as the recipient of the 2014 Contribution to Transportation Award.  Representative Brawley was the lead sponsor on HB 817 Strategic Transportation Investments (STI), which is redefining project prioritization for NCDOT.  The STI establishes the Strategic Mobility Formula, a new way of allocating available revenues based on data-driven scoring and local input.     The nomination stated that “he is an extremely effective legislator; he is knowledgeable, and a friend of transportation”.   The Administrative Council is coordinating with Representative Brawley’s schedule to formally present his Award.

Congratulations to Representative William Brawley for receiving the 2014 NCSITE Contribution to Transportation Award.

Past Award Winners


Paul D. Cribbins Cup

Paul CribbinsAwarded to the outstanding student chapter within the Section (currently three: North Carolina State University, Raleigh (NCSU); North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro (N.C. A&T); and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte).

Paul Day Cribbins grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and upon graduating from Robert E. Lee High School in 1944, spent the next 15 years pursuing his education and serving in the military. He received Bachelors Degrees from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the University of Alabama. He later moved to West Lafayette, Indiana where he attended Purdue University for his Masters Degree, and later a PhD in Civil Engineering. After receiving his PhD, he became an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU) from 1959 to 1961. He became Associate Professor of Civil Engineering from 1961 to 1966, and then a full Professor at NCSU in 1966 where he taught for 26 more years until his retirement in 1991.

Paul received numerous awards in recognition of his teaching effectiveness, including those from NCSU, The Merchant Marine Academy, the American Society for Engineering Education, and the NCSU Alumni Association. He was a Registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina, and a strong advocate of student involvement in professional societies, especially the NC Section Institute of Transportation Engineers (President, 1967-68), and the NC Section American Society of Civil Engineers (President, 1970-71). In 1992, NCSITE recognized the leadership qualities and mentoring attitude that Mr. Cribbins provided the students, and created the Paul D. Cribbins Cup in his honor. This highly coveted Award is given yearly to the outstanding NCSITE student chapter that exhibits excellence in ITE Student Chapter events and activities. Paul was proudly inducted into the Transportation Hall of Fame (Spencer, NC) in 2005. Most recently, the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Southern District presented Paul with an Excellence in Transportation Engineering Award in April of 2009 and Paul was so pleased to have this award presented in person by his former students.

Paul Day Cribbins, 82, passed away on February 17, 2010. Paul had lived and worked in Raleigh for more than 50 years and was Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at N.C. State University. Mr. Cribbins and his contributions to our profession were recognized and remembered by NCSITE President Russell Dalton at the 2010 Annual Meeting Luncheon.

2014 Award Winner: North Carolina State University ITE Student Chapter

The cup is awarded to an outstanding student chapter within the Section. Three universities compete for this prestigious award (NCSU, NCA&T, and UNC-Charlotte) by submitting a formal report that documents their membership, fiscal standing, participation in the industry (presentations and technical papers), and community service.  For 2014, the Cribbins Cup was awarded to NCSU.

Congratulations NCSU for this honor!!!

Past Award Winners

Scoring Criteria for Cribbins Award (pdf, 36KB)

Student Chapter Annual Reports:


Young Professional Award

Awarded to a Member or Affiliate, under the age of 35 years, who, over their young professional career, has contributed to the advancement of the transportation profession and the North Carolina Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. Recipients should exhibit such personal traits as integrity, honesty, professionalism and leadership. Individual professional accomplishments such as transportation innovations, technical research, paper writing, and NCSITE organizational work, including meeting participation and committee work, can be considered.

2014 Award Winner: Sarah Wicklund, P.E.

Sarah WicklundSarah Wicklund, Senior Transportation Engineer of WSP, was presented the Young Professional Award. She immediately took on a leadership role as soon as she became a member of NCSITE.  She has served on the NCSITE Transportation Planning Council (TPC) and chaired the committee for 2011 – 2012.   She continues to be a valued member of the TPC and is a constant help with all the Council’s duties and events.   The nomination noted that “Sarah is a shining example of a young engineer with a professional image commensurate with the vision of NCSITE”.  Sarah’s parents (Buck and Monica Wicklund) were in attendance for the presentation of the award.

Congratulations to Sarah Wicklund, PE of WSP for receiving the 2014 NCSITE Young Professional Award.

Past Award Winners


New Member Award

Awarded to a New Member or Affiliate of our North Carolina Section, who has contributed substantially to the advancement of the Section through any of the following responsibilities, and not limited to: Council involvement, committee involvement, special projects, conference planning, meeting participation, presentations at NCSITE sponsored meetings. A New Member would have less than five years of professional membership with our Section to qualify, and would represent the future leadership of NCSITE. Recipients should exhibit a teamwork approach to their NCSITE responsibilities, excellent leadership and professionalism skills, integrity, a willingness to learn, and an excitement for NCSITE activities and growth potential.

2014 Award Winner: Kellie Reep, P.E.

Kellie ReepKellie Reep, Transportation Engineer of Stantec, was recognized as recipient for the New Member Award. Kellie is an active member of the Traffic Engineering Council, and has presented at recent NCSITE Annual Meetings as well as Southern District Meetings and SimCap User Group meetings.    She is a hard-working team member and an excellent leader.   The nomination for Kellie said she is a “leader behind the scenes, and has contributed greatly to NCSITE through sharing her traffic simulation knowledge”.  Kellie’s parents, Rita and Jerry Wieskamp, were present for the Award Presentation.

Congratulations to Kellie Reep, PE of Stantec for receiving the 2014 NCSITE New Member Award.


Past Award Winners


Outstanding Project Award

In 2013, the NCSITE Awards Committee was excited to introduce a new recognition - the Outstanding Project Award. The criteria included innovation, significance, and transferability.

2013 Award Winner: I-485 / I-85 "Turbine" Interchange Project Team

John JohnsonThe 2013 Outstanding Project Award was presented to the project team for the I-485 / I-85 "Turbine" Interchange led by STV / Ralph Whitehead Associates. The revised design modified the original 4-level stacked interchange to a 2-level turbine interchange. It not only maximized the flow and capacity of the traffic through the interchange, but also minimized borrow and waste on the job. The project award was presented to John Johnson with STV / Ralph Whitehead Associates in honor of the project lead, Matthew Bell. Other members of the project team are George Hassfurter with The Lane Construction Corporation; Tommy Peacock with Rummel Klepper & Kahl; Phillip Todd with SEPI Engineering; Dan Owens with Telics; Steve Moore with CH Engineering; James Hoskins with ECS Carolinas, LLP; and Tim Arey with Progressive Design Group.

Congratulations to the I-485 / I-85 "Turbine" Interchange Project Team for receiving the NCSITE Outstanding Project Award for 2013.